Attentive service in a changing market

From 2003 to promote biofuels, the European Union requires the presence of a minimum amount of biodiesel in the fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions effect and the environmental impact of transport.

The measure resulted in a distinct change in their characteristics of diesel fuel, which can no longer be managed according to the previous mode without causing serious damage to the instruments of labor.

Biodiesel, due to its natural origin, is indeed biodegradable tendency to degenerate over time. In order to ensure the integrity of the fuel and avoid annoying mishaps it is necessary to resort to a careful management of diesel downloaded and regular maintenance of the storage tank while controlling, in the first place, the contained volume of water, the main cause of the proliferation of bacterial flora.

The treatment also must be made frequently and especially in summer.

Fiorese Bernardino, careful to strictly follow the requirements of the directive 2003/30/CE of the European Parliament, provides a service based on the highest quality standards.