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The treatment of waste is the set of techniques aimed at ensuring that the waste, whatever their fate, have minimal impact on the environment. Can it relate to solid and liquid substances, methods and different research fields for each. The waste treatment practices are different depending on whether producers are residential, industrial or commercial.

Priority criteria:

  • Development of clean technologies.
  • Conception and marketing of products which do not contribute or give a minimum contribution to the production of waste and pollution.
  • Technological improvements to eliminate the presence of hazardous substances in the waste.
  • Prevention of waste production.
  • Proper environmental impact of each product throughout its entire life cycle.
  • Promotion of agreements and experimental programs to prevent and reduce the amount and harmfulness of waste.

Waste recovery:

  • Reuse, reuse and recycling.
  • Production secondary raw material by treating the waste.
  • Use of waste to produce energy, energy recovery (cold biological oxidation, gasification, incineration).

Our services:

  • Advice for the retrofitting of temporary collection depot.
  • Optimizing waste management sector.
  • Containers in accordance with for the temporary storage and the safe transportation as D.leg. 152/2006 art.183.
  • Posting on labeling containers as D.leg. 152/2006 art. 193 decreto ADR.
  • Training and constant updating of personnel for proper waste management.
  • Activating of SERVICE 1 – operational plans.
  • Operational assistance and updates on environmental matters.
  • Criticality analysis and drafting of an inspection report in the event of non-compliance.
  • Realization of Analytical reports (Homologous waste) as D.Lgs.152/2006 punti 3 and 4 dell’allegato D parte IV: a) Quality features. b) Appearance. c) Classification and characterization pursuant to D.Lgs. 152/06.
  • Archive Online.
  • Login and Password to access the reserved area.
  • Homologous of waste card. a) analytical certificates. b) emissions into the atmosphere. c) seal the schedule (D.Lgs. 152/2006).

Other services offered by Fiorese Ecology:

  • Supply of containers for storage and the safety of hazardous waste.
  • Withdrawal of waste on the part of qualified staff with specially equipped vehicles.
  • Storage provisional and treatment of waste in accordance with local regulations.
  • Waste treatment (volume reduction, shredding and separation of oil filters, plastic and metal packaging, etc.).
  • Waste disposal at a licensed contractor and responsible by the respective oil Mandatory Consortia and used lead batteries.