Mandatory Consortium Of Used Oils

Fiorese Ecologia is authorized dealer of the Consortium Required Used Oils (COOU), a body which by law has the task of collecting the used oil all over the country and start a regeneration procedures.

Ecopower – National Consortium for the collection, storage, blending and recovery of lead

Fiorese Ecologia is ECOPOWER partner for the Northeast area, the division created in 2012 by the will of ECOPED Consortium. Together they guarantee the maximization of recovery of lead content in used batteries, which will be recycled to manufacture new batteries, in total safety for health and the environment.

Con-Oil – Collection of Vegetable oils

Fiorese Ecologia is partner of Con-Oil, a consortium whose task is to organize, control and monitor the chain of oils and vegetable grease spent for environmental purposes, to protect public health and, in order to reduce the dispersion of the waste.

PneuLife – National Consortium for the management of used tires

Fiorese Ecologia is PneuLife partner consortium that organizes and manages the entire supply chain, from collection to treatment and recovery of secondary raw materials, until their new marketing.

Project Engineering – Drawing up of environmental and safety practices at work

Fiorese Ecologia collaborates with Project Engineering for the management of used tires.