The new approach to security

Fiorese Ecologia offers qualified support for the management and control of security in the workplace. Thanks to a team of experts, the company supports its customers for risk assessment (DVR), monitoring of emissions into the atmosphere and water discharge. Each production company is therefore eligible for a complete check-up to improve safety at the workplace. With the desire to give concrete answers to a world that is changing fast, where the complexity increases continuously and the time available decreases every day, company engineers have developed SICURPROGRAM, the new security system created by listening to customers directly, living together in their issues related to document management, the estate of the bill books, to the continuous changes in regulations on safety, small or large corporate changes that often are not evaluated.

Our services:

We carry out a visit at the companies to establish and maintain the following documents, with instrumental detection and technical report:

  • The Risk Assessment Document (D.V.R.)
  • Evaluation of risks: Chemical, Carcinogenic, Noise, Vibration, ATEX, Optical Radiation Artificial, Ionizing Radiation, Fire, CPI, Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, Stress Related Jobs, Videoterminals, movements Load Manuals, Repetitive Movements, microclimate, Asbestos, Forecasting of external acoustic impact

We are also able to provide:

  • Assistance in case of inspection
  • Check-up security

We carry out training courses on safety:

  • Course for first aiders
  • Course for fire prevention staff
  • Course for Workers’ representatives for safety (R.L.S.)
  • Course for Prevention and Protection for employers (R.S.P.P.).

Environmental Solutions:

  • Drafting practice authorization air emissions and water discharges.
  • Analyzes of emissions into the atmosphere and water discharges.
  • Solvent Management Plan.
  • Sampling and analysis of pollutants in working environment (dust, metals, solvents).
  • Sampling occurs fibers and surface degradation.
  • Assistance and holding bill books of law.