A history of constant innovation

An entrepreneurial reality that tells more than half a century of steady growth and innovative solutions.


Fiorese Bernardino was born in the 50s as a supplier of firewood and coal to become over the years a leader in the Veneto region in the distribution of fuels and lubricants. Fiorese offers customers a 360 service in the petrochemical industry, the supply of products to the back office service. You can tell that offers a comprehensive consulting service. For Fiorese lubricants sector is linked – the beginning of the 70s – for ExxonMobil, which is an authorized distributor for products Mobil in Triveneto.


In 1992 it is created the branch Fiorese Ecology with which also specializes in the transportation, disposal and recycling of hazardous waste.
The two companies formed today Fiorese Group: a single reality which puts the sharing of experience, expertise and dynamism of both brands to offer to companies, individuals and institutions a complete and qualified support.


Fiorese Power is the division of Fiorese Bernardino specializing in Energy Sector. It operates on the whole national territory commercializing the Mobil Pegasus, a special line of lubricants specifically formulated for High Technology for stationary engines running on gas, qualifications biogas, natural gas and process gas.


Since 2012 he joined the group Fiorese, Lubriservice, a company specializing in lubrication for industry, agriculture, transport, industry and authorized dealer Mobil for the Friuli Venezi- Giulia.


From the experience of the group it was founded Fiorese FiorEnergy, the new division that opens the door to the sale of natural gas to consumers and businesses.
FiorEnergy, under the guidance of the historical Fiorese Bernardino, it is proposed as a new energy distributor offering you the possibility to change supplier without activation fees or other charges as the deposit.


Fiorese Bernardino is co-founder of Arka Spa Lube, official distributor of Mobil lubricants for 19 provinces of Northern Italy, expanded in 5 regions: Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna.