Latest technology for top performance

The Mobil brand has always been synonymous with performance, innovation and expertise: a wide range of lubricants in advanced technology and skills recognized by consumers, builders and OEM worldwide.

Fiorese Bernardino sells the entire range Mobil: high-performance engine oil No. 1 in the world, which protects the engines of millions of drivers around the world, whatever the conditions.

The Mobil lubricants, approved by the manufacturers, are based on innovative technologies, we can provide outstanding lubrication to the engines.

The Mobil 1, the world leader of synthetic oils market, is designed to ensure the efficiency of the engine, an excellent wear protection, even on engines urged to extreme conditions, and a reduced fuel consumption.

The Mobil Super family, higher-quality motor oils for everyday driving.

In addition to engine oils, Fiorese Bernardino offers maximum reliability and excellent performance, with a complete range of lubricants for automotive and light products for car care:

  • Mobil Fluids for transmission
  • Mobil Oil for gear
  • Mobil Oil for motorcycles and motors 2 and 4 stroke

Choose the lubricant for your model