Mobilube 1 SHC 75W-90

In addition to the fully synthetic motor oil Mobil, the Mobil lubricants high-performance transmissions and rear axles, grease and special products for commercial vehicles may help provide additional benefits to fleet managers, including fuel economy benefits.

Through innovative improvements of the kinematic chain, nowadays the manual gearbox and the rear axle technology have greatly increased the performance of heavy trucks in terms of load, torque, speed and control.

This has led to enter specified requirements in lubricants to deliver higher performance, increased productivity and reduced operating costs. The friction control, protection against wear, thermal stability, shear stability, rust and corrosion prevention, and seal protection are lubrication characteristics that must be optimally balanced.

The oil must provide long life to gears and seals, a smooth operation, improve fuel economy, withstand extraordinary loads and high torque for a wide range of applications.

In response to these advances, ExxonMobil has developed Mobilube™ 1 SHC 75W-90, a fully synthetic lubricant with superior performance, to deliver outstanding performance and reduce its operating costs in this type of applications.