Solutions that improve energy efficiency

For over a century, ExxonMobil has never stopped refining its technological expertise in the field of lubrication and to study innovative products for industrial applications. His secret? A deep knowledge of the industry, the implementation of high-performance programs and the development of effective tools that enable its customers to always push forward the limits of productivity of their plants. This commitment for innovation has led to Mobil SHC, a line of high-performance synthetic oils, the result of cutting edge technology. The Mobil SHC range includes various types of industrial oils:

  • gear oils for the lubrication of gears and conventional wind turbines
  • compressor oils
  • oils for the food industry
  • circulation oils

Each product of this line provides a significant improvement in energy efficiency. Compared to mineral oils and grease, in fact, the synthetic lubricants form a lubricating layer more often to the service temperature, thus allowing to minimize the contact between the surfaces, and then the resultant loss of energy.

Fiorese Bernardino markets a broad range of Mobil industrial lubricants formulated from both synthetic and mineral. The goal is to increase the productivity of machinery whatever activities and applications:

  • Mobil oils DTE for hydraulic systems
  • Mobil industrial oils for industrial gear, both synthetic and mineral
  • Mobil oils for turbines and circulating
  • Mobil oils for refrigeration circuits
  • Mobil oils and grease for the food industry
  • Mobil Pegasus oils for gas engines
  • Mobil Rarus oils compressor
  • Mobil oils for guide rails and spindles
  • Mobil liquids intended to metalworking
  • Mobil Grease synthetic and mineral

Fiorese Bernardino offers its industrial customers a full range of related services: oil analysis, training, technical studies and rationalization of lubricants.