Grassi brand Mobil™ – Advanced Security for increased productivity

The Mobil™ grease brand are based on mineral base oils and carefully selected synthetic, combined with patented technologies of thickeners and synergistic additives.
Thanks to modern production techniques that guarantee quality and consistent performance, the range of Mobil grease is specially designed to meet a wide variety of operating conditions, both in industrial equipment and mobile. This includes extreme applications, such as high and low temperatures, water contamination, heavy loads or shock or variable speeds.

Available in a varied range of viscosity grades to offer choice and flexibility, the Mobil grease are designed to maintain the operation of the machinery at the top, offering three advantages:

  • greater reliability and productivity of the equipment, even in extreme operating conditions;
  • optimization of waste disposal costs, based on a long grease life and extended re-lubrication interval;
  • potential improvement in productivity, through the advice of experts from ExxonMobil engineers.