Sustainable lubrication solutions for your business

An optimal lubrication plays an important role in order to achieve optimum production, but we recognize that success is also measured through crucial sustainability goals. We offer greater reliability of equipment through the provision of highly performance lubricants and lubrication of high-level services.

By helping to minimize delays, we help you to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, so you can achieve your best vision of success safely, taking into account the environment and productivity benefits always within reach .

Security: minimize the risk of accidents

We offer products and services dedicated to helping to reduce the potential work accidents caused by direct contact with the equipment.

Compared to conventional mineral oils, our synthetic lubricants are formulated to:

  • Provide long intervals of replacing and improving equipment reliability, minimizing maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Reducing the potential exposure from handling of petroleum and related products used.
  • Improve cleaning, mitigating potential falling and slipping.
  • Reduce the manipulation and handling of lubricants to and from equipment.

Environmental care: minimize environmental impact

Our commitment to help reduce the environmental impact is made possible by the use of technologically advanced products to innovative services aimed at achieving sustainability objectives through:

  • Consumption minimized product thanks to long life lubricants and adequate monitoring conditions.
  • Extending the life of components to help limit the production of waste.
  • Potential energy savings and reduction of emissions using synthetic lubricants or friction modifiers.
  • Low production levels and disposal of used oils.

Productivity: promote the production and efficiency of uptime

To contribute to improving the competitiveness of our customers is an important part to improve productivity. We strive to achieve this through lubrication solutions that can help provide:

  • Solid protection equipment to maximize production and reduce the cost of maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Minimizing costs with lubrication solutions designed to provide benefits of energy efficiency.
  • Charges limited through the increase of the times of lubrication and less waste.
  • Rationalization of lubricants products in stock.