Fiorese Bernardino committed all of its resources to continue to operate in excellence by focusing on the duration of the press, and offers only premium-quality lubricants.

Fiorese Bernardino is one of the specialists in lubrication that made the Global Service a strong point for the light and heavy automotive sectors, industry and agriculture. For Fiorese Bernardino the “finished product” is not simply the sale of the lubricant but the whole product and service.

Fiorese Bernardino is a technical and commercial partner, which does not exhaust its task with just selling, but with the complete satisfaction of the customer. This is the reason why the sales force has always supported a staff of technicians whose task is to assist the client, providing all the tools and information needed to get the maximum benefit, the quality of lubricants in engineering service lubrication.

Oasys: the fast and reliable lubricant analysis program

Growing range of services with Fiorese Bernardino Oasys (Predictive Oil Analysis System), the owner of the computer system for the management of chemical and physical analysis of lubricants, which allows you to monitor and prevent abnormal lubrication systems.

Oasys is the ideal tool for automotive, light and heavy, for the industry, with a focus on mechanical, paper, steel, cement, and for the analysis of lubricants charges of stationary engines for cogeneration.

This program provides a timely assessment of the most effective and functional solutions to reduce maintenance costs and increase the availability of the machines, thus optimizing the duration of lubricants in service.

Team of technical experts lubrication

Fiorese relies on a team of chemists and engineers with extensive experience in the lubricants sector and know-how of high level, which intervene promptly and professionally by offering the best solutions to ensure a prolonged and the longevity of the machines.

The lubrication professionals draw up a certificate that records the results of analysis on the performance and the physical and chemical characteristics of lubricating oils, indicate the general state of the lubricant out of the norm and any parameters providing an interpretation of the results.

Leading-Edge Technology

Oasys is a computer system for the chemical-physical analysis of lubricants management that takes a progressive recording of the data collected, allowing to quickly detect any suspect change and to intervene rapidly with the most suitable and effective solution.

The monitoring and management of data are made directly by technicians Fiorese, which can also refer to the software remotely, 24 hours 24, to ensure a fast and consistent service.

Preventive maintenance

The analysis of the physico-chemical properties of lubricating oils allows to obtain information about the operating conditions of the lubricated machinery and the lubricant itself. The data obtained are used and analyzed for predictive maintenance mechanics.

Through the identification of one or more parameters measured and extrapolated using appropriate mathematical models, it is possible to determine the remaining time before the failure and, therefore, prevent it. With Oasys therefore, it is possible to perform analysis at regular intervals of lubricants and have a continuous monitoring on the “status” of machinery health, ensuring a greater useful life.