Fiorese Power: the right lubricant for a true green business

The Fiorese Power is the division of Fiorese Bernardino specialized in the energy sector. It operates throughout the country marketing the Mobil Pegasus, a special line of high-tech lubricants specifically formulated for stationary engines running on gas, such as biogas, natural gas and process gas. Staff at the Fiorese Power, Energy Technical Team, consists of lubrication professionals with extensive know-how on every aspect and type of applications: engine specialists and chemical engineers with decades of experience that can satisfy every need.

Thanks to the development of programs aimed at achieving the objectives of each individual customer, the Fiorese Power is in fact able to monitor all the mechanical organs lubricated in order to safeguard any particular motor and at the same time tangibly increase the economic benefits of productive management. A skill that today allows the Fiorese Power to manage more than 800 plants and to ensure a quality service, accurate and constant over time.

Motoring and plant engineering, chemical analysis of exhaust gases, baroscopiche investigations and physical-chemical testing controls: these are services that allow Fiorese Power to propose a complete offer, distinctive and highly qualified. A logic of Global Service where the product is joined by a consultancy specializing in 360 ° with regard to maintenance, management and support. A modus operandi that guarantees the increase in the yield of the plants, the reduction of costs of lubricants, the lengthening of the useful life of the engine.

The Technical Service this currency division each application to select, depending on the type of each engine, the most appropriate product to increase the economic benefits and durability. The professionalism of technical service becomes a determining factor for the performance objectives.